Broken Sensor Buy Deal

Send us your broken sensor and get a $40 coupon to!

Step 1: Gather your information

We would like to know information about your processor.

Gather the manufacturer (ex. Waratah, Logmax, Valmet), the year (an estimate is ok), and the model number/series name of your timber harvester.

Step 2: Check if your encoder qualifies

Call us at (262) 378-5500 or visit our Contact Us page to provide the following information on your harvester:

Year (an estimate is ok)
Series Name/Model Number

The more information you provide us the FASTER we will be able to take care of your request!

Step 3: Send us your broken sensor

Once we determine if you qualify, we will send you instructions on how to send us your broken encoder.

Step 4:  Get your online coupon code!

After we have received your broken sensor, will issue a unique online coupon code approximately 5-10 business days after confirmation.

If you misplace the coupon code you may contact for a replacement.

Coupon codes are guaranteed for up to one year after the purchase.