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2,000 Powered Hours Warranty

2,000 Powered Hours Warranty​


Every encoder sold by LoggingEncoder.com comes with a warranty which covers 2,000 powered hours.  What does that mean?

The warranty time is only counted when the encoder is powered.

If stored as a spare the encoder’s warranty does not depreciate.

Remaining warranty time from the failed sensor transfer to new encoder for a full 2000 hours of warranty coverage.

Details Below!

Warranty time is only counted when the encoder is powered and running

Every logging duty encoder has, built into it, a time tracker that is in charge of keeping track of the encoder’s powered operation.

The time tracker only functions when the encoder is powered and only counts the time the encoder is powered up for.

If you run your timber harvester for 40 hours the encoder logs 40 hours powered time on its warranty tracker.

The best warranty for spare parts storage.

Many replacement parts are sold with a limited warranty, however the problem is that the warranty’s time period often expires while the part is sitting in storage as a spare!

With the time tracker used in LoggingEncoders.com sensors you can rest assured that the warranty for the product is getting its full use.

With the LoggingEncoders.com warranty system a product can sit in storage as a spare without risking any loss of warranty.

Replacement encoders carry remaining warranty from initial purchase.

If a failure occurs and you must warranty an encoder from LoggingEncoders.com the remaining hours from the 2,000 hour warranty roll over to your new replacement encoder.

For example; if you send LoggingEncoders.com your old encoder and we find it has been in use for 1,500 hours, we send you a new replacement encoder that has 500 hours remaining warranty.

With this warranty method the customer is guaranteed to get a full 2,000 hours out of their purchase with LoggingEncoders.com

Warranty Returns Procedure

All warranty claims are to be handled solely by LoggingEncoders.com.  In the event of a failed encoder, responsible parties are to contact customer service via phone, mail, or e-mail.  Encoders are not to be mailed without first receiving a RMA number from the LoggingEncoders.com warranty and returns team.

  1. Have ready the following information

a. Logging Encoders Part # (example TFT-50z256a)

b. Encoder Unique Serial # (engraved on the encoder shell)

2. By e-mail, phone, or web form submit the following required information

a. Customer Name

b. Company Name

c. E-mail address, phone number, or contact mailing address (E-mail is preferred)

d. Logging Encoders Part # (example TFT-50z256a)

e. Encoder Unique Serial # (engraved on the encoder shell)


3. Once all the required information has been received by the warranty and returns team, a RMA # will be issued to the customer via e-mail (or phone/mail if e-mail is not supplied).

4. The customer, with the unique RMA #, must then package the encoder and clearly print the assigned RMA # on the OUTSIDE of the return packaging.

5. Ship the package to the following address.

          Warranty & Returns


          640 Perkins Dr.

          Mukwonago, WI 53149

6. Upon receiving the encoder, the returns team will review the product and issue the appropriate compensation in accordance with the quality guidelines dictated by this policy.

To Request an RMA# contact:




Warranty & Returns LoggingEncoders.com 640 Perkins Dr. Mukwonago, WI 53149